Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm back.

Wow, so it has been how long since I've posted? Well by count way to long! Hey guys so I've finally decided to get back on here and rejoin the blogging world! If you followed my blog at anytime you would recall that it was my friend (Ana Arredondo) and I (Rafael Romo). Unfortunately since we graduated High school and we have both moved our separate ways but remain friend. I (Rafael) will now be blogging' solo. 

So a little a bit of where I am now. I no longer live in lodi anymore, thank god, and have moved this little city called Los Angeles, perhaps you may have heard of it? I live in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and absolutely love it. I am going to school at FIDM, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, pursing a degree Associate of Arts in Fashion Design. I couldn't be happier and enjoy every moment of it. Living in L.A. and going to a Fashion school has so many perks. For example, recently I was invited to attend the Lookbook Launch Party for Rebecca Minkoff's denim collection, that was absolutely fabulous. I was also able to attend Blood is the New Black Launch Party for the new clothing line at Space 15 twenty, which was just as fun! Now that im back here I'd like to show you all the incredible events I get to attend to, what I do in school, what I wear of course, and maybe be able to snap a picture of a celebrity here in L.A for you guys! 
This is a picture of my school for you guys to look at! I love it and its a place where I get inspired everyday!
These are some pictures from the Lookbook Launch Party for Rebecca Minkoff's denim collection. The clothes for men we're beyond cute, I loved the whole dapper vibe. They had a huge wall for us to be creative and at the end of the night it looked like a piece of art, I might say.
 These are the pictures for the Blood is the New Black Launch Party clothing line at Space 15 twenty. For those who don't know, Space 15 twenty is a pop up shop that host events and is connection with Urban Outfitters in Los Angeles. The top picture is some of their rad clothing and the bottom picture is of me and my roommates at their kissing booth! They had all kind of fun stuff like kissing booths, nail art, and fortune tellers!

So this is just a very little dose of my life since last time I posted! I hope you guys keep following and reading!

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Thanks guys, Rafael!


  1. Awesome pics!
    Congrats on the move, and welcome back!


  2. Looks like so much fun. I love to attend launch parties too.

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  6. Your pictures are very inspiring! esp. the one with lots of graffito!
    Amy from hundred-lookbyamyaguilera.blogspot.com

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  9. Lovely post! :)


  10. So funny,and thanks for your share!

  11. You have such a lovely blog, full of amazing inspiration :)