Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little bit of an edge.

This post is a bit on the rougher side. The shorts were 100% made by me.(Rafael) They were so easily done.I got the shorts pattern and just cut. I loved the bright pink and new I wanted it with all black to make it pop. The fabric is so easy to sew and it made it for and outcome of looking chic and well polished. I decided to do them capri length, I think it looks more pleasing to me then short shorts, especially with that fabric. I added a black waistband and added this black lace to add detail and texture. We paired with a black button down with ruffles at the neck to add the drama that I love. We thought the lace leggings just added that edge vibe we wanted.
Top - Ross
Shorts - Made by me (Rafael)
Leggings - Playdoh's Closet
Bracelet - Icing
Shoes - Jcpenny

Hope you guys like it! XOXO, RAFAEL&ANA.


  1. What a nice style you have there!!! love it!!! xxx

  2. In the second picture Ana looks just like Kim Kardashian :D
    Love the outfit:)
    Kiss:* Pat

  3. The shorts are well done! Great job picking out the color as well! They could be a little shorter tho but that's just my opinion as I always wear super short clothing. :P

  4. Omg, love the tights!! +.+
    Kisses, Luzia M.

  5. love this, super unique!!xx
    i'm a new follower, hope you follow back!

  6. Lovley outfit.
    I luv your hair! (;

    Maybe u wanna follow each other?

    Love, Jackffy

  7. Nice job on the shorts! Love the top :)

    Thanks again for your comment Rafael on my Love and Pride post. :)


  8. Lovely!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  9. Wow, some skills right there!
    Cute shorts, lovin' the HOT pink!

  10. very cute top!