Friday, July 13, 2012

A new beginning around the corner.

So today's title is all how I just can't wait to start college! L.A here I come! On another note im still totally depressed about leaving chicago with all my cousins there! Miss it incredibly bad!

I wore this the last time I went out in Chicago and thats what brought the memories haha. I love this top because how its one color and the collar and cuffs are another! I love my polka dot bowtie that I love to put it with everything! I love how it looks with the top though! Me and my obsession with this polka dot trend, ha!
Shirt - H&M
Bowtie - Forever 21
Jeans - Pacsun
Belt - Ross
Shoes - Jcpenny
Bag - ASOS

So hope you guys like it and keep following and commenting! XOXO, Rafael.


  1. aaaa so cute!
    love your outfit!


  2. Definitely love this outfit! I love how the 2 colors in the shirt looks with the bow tie!

  3. Love,love,love ;) The shirt has a gorgeous collar and that bow tie is just so cute and pretty.xx

  4. So exciting that you are going to LA for college!
    Love the bow tie, per usual!


  5. Color of your shirt is amazing <3

  6. you are the first male blogger i have come across, and i love it! definately following, i love your style!

    Katie x x x