Sunday, July 1, 2012

A little pep.

For those who don't know still in Chicago and I did go downtown and bought a few things. They have amazing stores! Im talking Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren, Zara, and I can literally keep going! Its so amazing, but I did my normal stops at H&M , Forever 21, and Zara. 

Though today my post is about a recent trend that im in love with. PEPLUM. I don't think many people would consider it a trend, but I do see a lot of bloggers wearing it, seen it down the runway, and in stores. I love it. I think its so feminine and so different. I actually had started sewing a few peplum skirts before I considered it a trend saw it around. Here's a few of my favorites shops that are carrying it and the pieces that I love.

ASOS : Peplum Dress
River Island : Peplum top
      Zara : Peplum Dress
My Design: Peplum Skirt
So let me know, what you guys think of the trend?
Do you like it? How long do you think it'll last?

Btw, I will try and upload outfit posts soon , been to busy with the city that there's no sun when I try, and im hoping to get Ana back on here as soon as I get back! , XOXO RAFAEL.


  1. Love peplums, especially your skirt!


  2. This red skirt is great, the color is just made for you! :)

    Xo, Saritschka.

  3. Looove the peplum trend! I've always loved it, and I think the peplum trend will probably last until fall 2012. :)
    I looove that cute river island top, and love the asos peplum dress ♥ Love the peplum skirt you made, my twin was like, "oh wow" When I told her you made it. :D

    To your reply, "do you think later on you'll take design classes?!" Yea for sure, I'd def. want too! I'm first gonna take painting classes my first semester @ the uni, and next semester I'd love to at least take one fashion coarse. :/
    I have a question, just wondering, for how long have you been sewing? Cause you seem pretty good. :)


  4. I ove your design!!
    un kiss

  5. SO pretty...all those peplum dress are so inspiring!!


  6. i don't really know what to think about pemlums, but it realy suits you, great outfit! i also like the river island top :)

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    you're blog is awesome <3

  8. this post makes me want to purchase peplum clothes! nice post!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  9. I don't like this trend. Simply because it's only good for models. People like me who are a bit bigger (and there's nothing wrong with that ;p) just don't look good in tops, skirts and dresses like that! I think this is just a trend that won't last too long...But yes I do like it on very thin people :)

  10. LOVE peplum. I don't think I could pull it off though. Love the red skirt on you.

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  11. Totally love peplum, is very chic and feminine! I have some dresses, tops and skirts about this style.
    I like so much the last photo!

    P.S. Now I'm following you ♥


  12. aaahhh, all the stores you mentioned are indeed amazing! ;) i love the peplum trend and i hope it lasts. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  13. I like this trend :)