Monday, June 4, 2012


So a quick post today since im trying to have time and do it daily!. Today I wen't shopping in San Francisco and it had its ups and downs. First off my disappointment. I went into their 3 story Forever 21 and I knew I could expect a small section of just men but I usually always find something I love. Well I found nothing, not only was their section smaller, but it had your so typical classic color cardigan, graphic tee, and plaid. They had a blazer or two that were whatever, but besides that nothing. I think I find more things at my local 21 which is 10 times smaller, but lately its been letting me down, just mens I think for women its up to trend and affordable, for men im just blah, so over it. The places I loved, Urban Outfitters, I found 2 pieces that I loved. H&M no detail for that its always fabulous! Zara as well always so amazing.

For the outfit I got this jumper at Forever 21,, (ironic I just gave them bad critic) but I loved it because of the little wholes on top. Kind of reminded me of croshay? Did the classic blue collard blue shirt and fell in love how the glasses necklaced looked with it all. My bag I fell in love with... well no explanation needed, just by looking at it.
Jumper - Forever 21
Shirt - Lodi House Thrift
Jeans- H&M
Shoes - Jcpenny
Bag - Dooney and Bourke

P.S Ana will be absent for a while due to the some of summer vacation , so don't miss her too much! (:

Hope you guys like it and keep following and commenting!


  1. I love the F21 jumber! And I thnk that the bag is really cool! Nice outfit!

  2. This outfit suits you very well! I love the pants and the necklace and the shirt and the...OMG just EVERYTHING! keep up doing the good work! ;)


  3. Love the Outfit ,looks perfect and fabulous!


  4. Oooh, I do love your bag too! And those cute eyeglasses necklace :)

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  5. Cute style, cute blog. Let´s follow each other?? xoxo

  6. Love the colors! You look so cool!!!!I’ve just wrote a new post, tell me what do you think about it!

  7. love the bag!!!
    Un kiss

  8. I have already followed you :) Beautiful colours and great bag :) Have a nice day!

  9. nice look and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE BAG!!!!! ♥
    lol @ giving a bad critic of forever 21 and then buying a item from F21, it happens sometimes. ^^

    Oh and congratz on you and Ana for graduating H.S! :D Saw the pic, I wish you both good luck for your dreams and education. :)


  10. Love that look ! You have a great style !

  11. Love this look, especially the necklace!


  12. awesome outfit, welove that bag!


  13. I love the colors in this outfit. They are fun!
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  14. I love your entire outfit! Your necklace and bag are great! I know what you mean about Forever 21. Whenever I'm in a massive Forever 21 i feel like i can never find anything, but when I go to the one closest to me which is very small, Im much more likely to find at least one thing I like. But yeah at lest for me with the women's clothing it has kind of been letting me down a little too. Like a year or two ago I could find so much clothes I wanted but lately Im lucky if i wanna at least get two things if that. Anyways this comment is too long. :) Great outfit!