Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Process.

So I have been kind of busy lately! I try to update daily, but lately I haven't been able to! Finally decided on what fashion school im going to and trying to figure out where i'll live!  You know those things! Ha. Though what keeps me super busy has been my sewing! I will literally spend hours in my dining room which I make "My sewing room" to learn more and create! I usually stay in my PJs sewing so that explains why I haven't posted some of my looks. Any who just wanted to show you some things that i've been working on!
This one is a sweetheart neck which I believe to be super feminine. I think Peplum is something that is going to hit and people will wear! I love it! I did this pleated piece that is part of the top to create that peplum structure. The bottom skirt is a different fabric, you can't really tell, and its this gorgeous faux leather. 
This is again a sweetheart bodice. The difference is I used two fabrics for this top. This turquiose blue and mint green. I loved the two colors together! Very sort of pastel, (Though they have officially been declared "out" beg to differ.) Once I saw the purple sheer fabric I fell in love and knew it had to go with this bodice! I loved the colors and it kind of reminds me of a princess dress? Yet wearable and perfect for summer!

So both garments are almost done, just some hems and zippers to be done. So theres a bit of my work hope you guys like it!

Designs By: Rafael Romo

Rafael&Ana, XOXO.


  1. They are both beautiful!!!!! i love them

  2. omg awesome pieces!

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  3. First one is perfect!!!
    I like Your blog a lot! If You want we can follow each other? Let me know!


  4. That dresses are amazing ! Congratulation !
    Hope we will see you in !

  5. Gorgeous dresses, I especially love the first one!


  6. Beautiful work!
    Love that peplum dress!


  7. hey dear,i must say i really like your blog,i just found it,if you like check out mine and follow thru GFC and i will follow back...xoxo


  8. Wow, great job! Beautiful dresses :)
    Thank you so much for nice comments :)


  9. those look amazing!!! can't wait for them to be done ;) i'm your new follower!

  10. omggggg you are really good at sewing.
    I was trying to sew something, but it failed :(
    HAHA I know how to use sewing machine only, and I'm bad with sewing by hands, you are awesome! I'm following you now!
    Amy x

  11. Omgsh, I'm so glad you're going to fashion school, seriously that will develop your already amazing talent! :D
    I love love love that second dress so much. I don't care if people say it's "out" those colors are gorgeous, especially together!

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  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE! They are both gorgeous!!!

    ♥ Duckie.


  13. ohhhh haven't been on your blog in a while.
    i miss this side :D
    and omg you seriously got me on the tape(on the mannequin)
    i thought it was part of the craft O.O
    i really like the bottom one
    the colors are just beautiful.
    I think the black one is beautiful as well
    but I think if the tapes weren't tapes but were a halter i think it would be cute as well :D

  14. Ey I just found your blog and I must say that you have interesting things to say ;P
    Nice to see more about your work and designs. Congrats!!