Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Playing with colors.

So my last post was about color blocking. I see a lot of people wearing it and I mean why not? Its so fun mixing colors. Anyways i finally could meet with my "model" haha, meet Ana. (: She will be my official model for everything I do on here. Im glad I can finally get this up and not just talk about trends, but show them. The dress I designed completely. I will admit I HATE sewing jersey. its so slippery, but I always love the draping affect.  Here are some of the pictures, hope you guys like them. 
Dress - Designed by me. Fabric -Joans.
Belt - L.A. Boutique 
Necklace - P2000
Shoes- Ross
There it isC: , please please, everyone give me their feedback and what they think. Thanks, XOXO.


  1. Ana Rocks This Style <3

    Totally Beautiful ; Lovely Picturess !

    & You know how esmi likes to wear hella colorss lol C:

  2. ruffles !!!
    I so much love the colors !
    and it compliments the season :D
    I love the outfit too !

  3. I like the simplicity of this outfit, yet how everything just pops out and comes alive with the colors. My favorite part is the bright yellow accessories which really make the blue and teal colors stand out even more rather than hide them. Overall, very well done! :3 I love it

  4. Ruffles!!! i love the colors. they r my to favorite color and they combine well togethers!!!

  5. love the dress, the color combo is AWESOME.hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xo

  6. wow great outfit
    i follow you and i hope you follow me back:)

  7. what a great colour combo! that skirt is so pretty

  8. The dress looks amazing on you!
    So beautiful colors in this outfit!! Love it!
    I'm your new follower!!!

  9. I adore the colors you chose for
    your outfit color blocking.
    These colors looked great on you!

    P.S. Thank you so much for following, darling!
    I'm now following you back on GFC, #57 follower.
    Looking forward to see you again on my next post.
    Have a great day, darling!

  10. Color block still looks pretty cool, I like those brighter colors as much as pastels. Your outfit looks so nice, the belt makes everything!

  11. A subtle take on the color blocking trend! Love it! xo style, she wrote

  12. YOu look gorgeous in the outfit. I love your hair!

  13. This look is soo Brazill!!1 Love ittt!! Love the pics!!
    following u

  14. love the colors of your outfit :) you look beautiful too!

    nice to know your blog

  15. I love the dress! You did an amazing job sewing it up. Great job :)


  16. great style, like your blog and just follwing! Hope follow back:)

  17. This look is ma favourity, it's perfect for summer and you are so cute!