Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lets love Africa.

Hopefully mid next week I will be doing something more interesting and what I want to do on here. I just need to schedule my model. Any who here is another trend from my point of view. I think when you say print.. majority of people automatically think the classic typical prints. Meaning zebra cheetah and ect...But one of the big prints that im seeing alot is African inspired. Many many colors and detail in fabrics. I saw it mostly in mass production at first, but as Fashion week passed I saw some pieces in the designers collections.
Oscar de la Renta
Max Osterweis

What i do find interesting about this is that its so... mass production to me. Its like you almost saw it first at places like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. I absolutely adore both stores and its good its so mass marketing it'll make big money. Some examples are these waisted little skirts, very Forever 21. This waist band dress very fun and girly, sort of a 1950's silhouette. As well very commercial.
To me I really don't like it. I mean i love the colors and all these shapes. Brings me back to geometry freshman year. Anyways I want everyone's opinion. Love it or Hate it?


  1. i like the dress in the first pix it really cute:)

  2. i love the dress on the first picture =]

  3. i like the dress in the last picture!

  4. hu! amazing prints!


  5. I love the first one!

    Thans for your nice comment and following. I'm following you now!

    see you in our blogs


  6. iLove This Style Alot (:

    & The Dress 2nd to Last is Beautiful <3

  7. I have yet to see African-inspired designs spreading around, so far everyone is sticking to their tired old animal print outfits, but, honestly, I like this style. The last picture is my favorite by far, I like the colors that pop out and, while the design does bring back memories of geometry, the design is eye-catching. As you have said about the waistband dress, it is very fun and girly and just oh so adorable! :3

  8. i like the fiest pic oooh lala ;D !

  9. Fashion Greek,

    I love prints and I am happy to see African prints becoming more widely accepted in the industry. I love to see non African designers giving us modern silhouettes but I would love to see more African designers doing it also on a bigger stage. That is story for another post. Thanks for the follow. Following.

  10. I don't love it, and I don't hate it. I absolutely do like the mixture of colors and shapes...but I think it will go out of trend faster than everything else. Not something that I think I will add into my wardrobe unless it is in the form of a scarf.